Youth need to be honest to keep a job with me!!

stealing money

Africa is battling youth unemployment; a problem needing numerous solutions. LinkmeUg is part of the solutions, making youth better employees, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship through information.

One of the obvious ways Uganda’s unemployment can be solved is for the employed Ugandans to start up enterprises and employ the so many energetic and talented young people. But why is this not the case?

Beside the challenges of starting a business in Uganda, turns out would-be employers are scared to trust their hard earned or borrowed funds in the hands of some youth, particularly relatives.

LinkmeUg met 45 year old Isa Kabito who has been disappointed by both relatives and other youth in his enterprises.

“In 2010 I started a garment shop and placed my 24 year old nephew but he robbed me clean; later i began a chicken farm in Mityana but my young brothers ate all the chickens and kept telling me they were dying. I had actually hoped they would support their families and give me a little profit but I was robbed clean. Our young people should learn to be responsible and honest. I am now afraid of hiring my relatives and young people for that matter.”

It goes without say, dishonesty will cost you better opportunities. The choice is yours.


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