Generation Next: Here is Ezzey Brezzie


Have you met Sewaya Bruno aka Ezzey Brezzie? He  a Ugandan aged 22; a student at Makerere university pursuing a Bachelors’ in Journalism and Communication and also a music writer and a song artist. On LinkmeUg Generation Next, young artists get the opportunity to tell Ugandans about themselves.

Personal life

Ezzey Brezzie: I am a born of Mbarara district, but grew up in Gayaza; my birthday is 29th April. My hobbies are listening to music, watching movies and wrestling; actually as I child, I fought a lot and always played soldier games.


Music life

How were you discovered?

Ezzey Brezzie: That was way back in my form 2. I loved writing hiphop lyrics they occupied me all the time.

Who inspired you to pursue a dream in music?

Ezzey Brezzie: Squizecut, my sister Anitta and my mates they always trusted me with music and encouraged me. My preference is Hip-hop.

Which songs have produced since you began?

Ezzey Brezzie: I have been a co-writer of Squizecut’s music like Gimme the dance, from a distance and many more songs.  My songs can be found youtube, soundcloud and reverbnation and i do giggs too.

Where do you see yourself in the competition?

Ezzey Brezzie: I see myself at the same race with the likes of Neyo’s Fettywap and many more.

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Fun Facts

What is that one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Ezzey Brezzie: I may seem to joke a lot but always mean business.

What is that one thing you wished you knew when you were younger?

Ezzey Brezzie: I always asked myself why some stars in the sky always moved and yet others were static.

What did you hate at school?

Ezzey Brezzie: I always hated debate in school

what do you spend your money on?

Ezzey Brezzie: Gadgets like phones,watches and hanging out.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Ezzey Brezzie: I don’t.

What do you do when you are not active in music?

Ezzey Brezzie: I hang out with my buddies and doing  my work as a production  assistant  with Acheonex media [production company]


On the future

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Ezzey Brezzie: I see me beyond the limit.

What advice do you give to future musicians and song writers?

Ezzey Brezzie: They should love what they do with passion and listen to their elders in the industry and lets avoid ‘bubble gum’ music.


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