My ‘manager’ boyfriend turned out to be a house keeper: Elizabeth

By: [email protected]

pregnant and sad

My name is Elizabeth from Nateete, Kampala; I am only 23 years old but my life is shattered. I completed my S.4 in 2015 and although my parents could pay for my S.5&6 I refused to go back to school and decided to sit home.

In February this year, I met a man called James and we started dating. James assured me he was a manager in a company in town and I moved in with him. I was so happy because he loved and cared for me.  The house was so big and flashy that I believed he was indeed a manager though he refused to tell me which company he worked for.

All hell broke loose when I told him I was pregnant. He shouted at me and called on all his ancestors to save him from the bad luck I had brought him. I was so shocked and disturbed that I left home to seek advise from my friend, Esther. To my surprise, when I returned, I found another family in the house and they told me James was their house keeper and so directed me to his house in Katanga.

When I got there, I found it was a single room with 5 of his other children. I couldn’t stay there and opted to go back to Esther’s place. Saying I am confused is an understatement, I am torn apart. I haven’t yet told my parents, James wants nothing to do with me and at 4 months pregnant, all I do is sit and regret the choices I have made in my life.

What advise do you have for Elizabeth?


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