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Uganda is the land of many talents and LinkmeUg is promoting youth with any form of talent. Meet Musoke Martin aka Artin Pro. Artin Pro is an artist on the rise, he spoke to LinkmeUg’s Squizecut.

LinkmeUg: Who is artin pro?

Artin Pro: I am a Ugandan aged 23 and a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in records and archives and management. I work at M1 records located in Makerere Kikoni as the studio manager. I also work as the official producer and music director at Avion Music Uganda as an audio producer, writer, author and music artist.

Tell us about your life.

Artin Pro: I was born on 1st October and grew up in makerere kikoni. I think I can say that I was a humble and skinny kid.

I love listening to music, watching movies, series and sports particularly formula 1 series

How were you discovered?

Artin Pro: During my childhood I sang in Nankulabye catholic parish church choir then I joined the school church choir as its chairman in my high school – Gayaza Cambridge college.  There after I joined the commercial music industry in my form six vacation and learnt production which has brought me lots of fruits todate

What are some of the music you have done since you began?

Artin Pro: I have produced various projects like Fistula 2016 by WAWI [Women At Work International] Tugende Tukole by Mikie Wine, produced songs for Halima Namakula, Amooti Amalura, and other upcoming artists like Trainer Hebert Family, Hassan Nduga, Avion Flower, Lury Charlie, Johnmary, Hudson and Pages, Titan music among others.

Any songs from you?

Artin Pro: One of them is called Muganda but I have a couple of them. More of my music can be found in various music stores like sound cloud reverb-nation, howee, and youtube.

What is that one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Artin Pro: People would be surprised at what I have achieved at 23.

What do you wish you knew as a child?

As a child, I wished I knew how animated movies and games were made

Who inspired you to per sue your dream of music production and singing?

A friend and also young artists Johnmary [click here for more on Johnmary]

What is your favorite music?

Give me any nice music and I am at home.

What do you spend on most?  

Gadgets like phones, modems and data [laughs] I just love surfing. So when I am not singing or producing any song, I do a lot of surfing.

Are you a bathroom singer?

Not really, I do most of my singing in the studio.

Where do you see yourself in the competition?

Somewhere not far from the truth

Where do you think you will be after 5 years?

I will be a general music consultant

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