Focus Youth Forum helping youth start businesses.

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Are you out of campus and unemployed? The truth is that there are very few jobs on the market and as such LinkmeUg brings you experts to start your own business and work to grow it. Because of Uganda’s high unemployment rates, many organizations and companies like LinkmeUg are putting efforts together to solve this problem.

Uganda’s youth need training, funding, and markets; LinkmeUg brings youth information on this. Focus Youth Forum Association equips with skills business, agriculture and more through association with experts. FYF chairman Mugume Benard spoke to LinkmeUg’s Prossy Nyafono about the available opportunities.

What does FYF association do for youth?

Benard: The association is helping youth get jobs and start businesses. We get experts in particular areas to train the youth. We have a form on which a youth lists what they are interested in.

How do young people join FYF?

Benard: The association meets every Friday at 5pm at Nommo Gallery Nakasero and we welcome all young people regardless of education, political or religious back ground.

Is there a cost attached to this?

Benard: Not at the beginning but if you want to get all the benefits that come with being a member, the fee is 10,000/= this is a figure many youth can afford. But money is not the first priority; first the youth should come and get the FYF experience.

Should I carry my CV for a job or expect seed capital?

Benard: First youth should come and see what we have and probably after one of 2 meetings, you will change your mind from job searching to partnering with another person with the capital to start a business.


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