Fresh graduates earning millions from selling fresh fruit and vegetables.


By: Bright Twijukye

The ever growing urban population in Uganda has come with a high demand for food a sign that someone looking for a business to start should head in that direction.

LinkmeUg – Youth in Business brings 2 University graduates who have tapped into this market.  24 year old Ochendi Calvin, and Senyonga Eric, 23 have started an agribusiness supplying fresh fruits and vegetables to homes and restaurants anytime and anywhere  at cheap and affordable prices. Linkmeug’s Bright Twijukye talked to Ochendi Calvin, the co-founder of Hello Fresh.

Tell us about Hello Fresh?

Calvin: Hello Fresh is a fresh fruits and vegetables delivery service, we supply homes, restaurants and hotels all over the country. Hello fresh was established in November 2015. We do door to door delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables to wherever the client wants to be found. We sell both local and exotic vegetables and fruits like bananas, pineapples and cabbages, tomatoes and more.

How different is  Hello Fresh from other fresh fruits and vegetables agribusinesses?

Calvin: The difference is that ours is more of a service. Really we make it convenient for our clients to access fresh items by having us deliver to them in the comfort of their homes, offices or wherever they are.

Where do you get your items and how do you find customers?

Calvin: We work with a couple of individual farmers and youth initiatives, notably, Uganda Youth Agriprenuers, who are based in Mukono. We buy from them and distribute locally. As for customers, We don’t have a physical shop at the moment, an online store does that for us. It lists all our products and a customer can place an order through that.


Clients can contact us by visiting our online store at to view our product listings and then proceed to orders. For bulk purchases clients can always call us directly or send us email via [email protected]. Or call 0701885127 / 0785300158

“We started small but we have been scaling gradually at a very tremendous rate. We are thankful to God and all our clients and suppliers who have stayed with us all this time,” Calvin adds.

Calvin and Eric are some of the young agribusiness entrepreneurs adding value to farm produce to earn money and contribute to the growth of our economy today. Straight after University, they are earning in millions.