At the interview: Tell us about yourself!

at the interwiew 1

There are usually several steps to getting a formal job. First is the application, then the aptitude tests, followed by practical test for some jobs and finally the interview. The job interview is a crucial part of a person’s job search because it’s an opportunity for the employer to meet you and relate your test results to your personality.

Questions asked in the interview look simple but tricky enough for one to fail. LinkmeUg will bring you tips to prepare you for interviews.

Most Interviews start with, “Tell us about yourself,” how should you answer that?

This is a tricky question that may prompt an individual to speak about his/her personal life story.  But that is not the employer is not interested in. This question needs you to present yourself professionally stating your strengths which should be a basis for the company to hire you.

The HR officer Ms. Priscilla Nyachwo says, “They are looking for confidence and to find out if you are valuable to their company. So sell yourself appropriately.”


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