How to get employed while at campus

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Being at university doesn’t exempt you from employment as one can juggle both work and studies. Meet 22 year Augustine Olowo who got his firs job as a student.

What did you study at campus and which year was that?

Augustine: At university I studied a bachelor degree in computer science and technology 2013-2015 and I worked with the marketing department of Kampala university. Currently, I am the coordinator for the Eastern Region.

When and how did you join the marketing department of the university?

Augustine: I started working in 2014 when I was still minister in the guild cabinet and a student of computer science and technology in the same university.  I was asked by the marketing bureau to join the team because I exhibited marketing skills. I was also hired because of my intra-personal and public speaking skills that I showcased during the time we went to schools in Eastern Uganda to market Kampala university.

Our role was to give career guidance to students and tell them about Kampala University, I convinced many students to join the University and that is why my boss hired him.

While at campus, you were a minister, marketer and student. How did you juggle that? 

Augustine: I was focused and had a personal time table that I would follow. I took studies as a key issue; marketing would come in more in the holiday because that was when we contacted students willing to join the university. Ministerial work was not very demanding.

How do you get students in the Eastern region to join Kampala University?

Augustine: I get contacts of different head teachers who link me to other head teachers whom I ask for permission to give career sessions in the schools. After those sessions, I expound more about the careers students ask me and tell them how Kampala University can help them archive their careers.

So from this I get students contacts who I contact after their form six and four though others call me before I do.

What was your salary like?

Augustine: Ministers in the guild cabinet have a small allowance but in marketing you are paid commission per head. But now as a coordinator, there is a small salary and facilitation during the course of the week.

What keeps you moving in life?

Augustine: I always don’t take my haters as enemies but I struggle to make them my friends. I advise youth not to despise any job you get as they link you to others. In life we start small and get big gradually.


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