Generation Next: Meet Vegan Ganty

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Talented and rising, Uganda’s upcoming artists are doing their best to get a following and LinkmeUg will give them just that. Today Generation Next brings you 18-year-old Mugisha Simon Peter aka Vegan Ganty. Vegan wants to study IT at the university but is using his A’level Vacation to chase his dream as an artist.

When did you start singing?
Vegan: I started at a very young stage. I occasionally sang to family and friends. When I was a five-year-old I remember singing Shaggy’s Strength of a woman but my mother slapped for me. I’ll never forget that.
What inspired you to join music?
Vegan: All the people who heard me sing said I was good. This made me look at myself as capable. I was in music club at school, I did a lot of performing and I was Entertainment minister at A ‘level. It has been all about music.
What kind of music do you do?
Vegan: Am a versatile musician. One day you find me doing RnB, tomorrow you find me doing hip hop. My favorite instrument is guitar because it’s flexible and helps me compose.
How many songs do you have so far, and how can they be accessed?
Vegan: I have five songs,
• Make a move
• Party goin on
• Ani Asinga Vibe [featured]
• Finally
• Used to [my latest in which I featured Beats 54 and kurd.]
My music will be on sound cloud soon. I also perform at different occasions for some money and recording audios.

Do you write your own songs?
Vegan: Yeah I do write my music and I believe I am a great writer.
What projects are you working on currently?
Vegan: Oh yeah! Am currently working on a single Onyilira at Destiny studios. It will be out soon.
Are you doing this one for a particular person?
Vegan: Not really. This just goes out to the good looking ladies out there.

Which studios have you used?
Vegan: I have recorded with Gunna Records, Fax Records and Destiny Studios.
Does your music send out messages or it’s for pure entertainment?
Vegan: My songs do both, I would say. I communicate through entertainment.
The music industry is quite competitive, what do you think sets you apart as a young artist?
Vegan: I believe I am unique, because of the confidence with my voice and I also make a great performer.
Who are your role models?
Vegan: Maurice Kirya inspires me so does Chris Brown, Nemesis, Irene Ntale, and Nwagi.

What music group do you wish to join?
Vegan: I can’t be so specific. But I love Swangz Avenue, Big Talent, Gagamel because they are excelling musically.
What challenges have you faced as an upcoming?
Vegan: Being a stand alone, it’s hard. Cost of production, recording and promoting are all high.

What weakness do you think the Ugandan music industry has?
Vegan: The ‘big’ artists do not look at what the young ones are doing. I wonder who will take up the industry when they retire.
A message to the youth in your shoes
Vegan: Beware of your real talent rather than wasting time. Do not make music a business, talent comes first. And please don’t drop out of school.


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