Fresh graduate discovers a gold mine in selling fish


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Today’s business idea is from sengendo Robert a 23 year old former student of Kampala University awaiting graduation who invested in road side fish vending and his employee is now making him 20,000/= a day. Robert is a student of Mass communication but he might not have to search for a job.

Linkmeug: Tell us about your business.
Robert: It’s a small business of fish selling by the road side. I employ Annet, a lady who used to work at our home in 2001-2003. The business is in Bulenga along Kampala Fort Portal road.

Linkmeug: What was your starting capital and how did u acquire it?

Robert: I started with 10,000/= and i asked Annet to buy some fish and sell them together with hers since she was already in the business. She gave me an interest of 2000/= everyday and I saved it till I had 25,000/= I reinvested this money and with time I was collecting 4000/= a day and I kept saving it till I had 63,000/= This is when I talked to my dad and he lent me 200,000/=

Linkmeug: How did you use that money?

Robert: I bought a table at 35000, two buckets at 14000, a local flying pan at 8000, charcoal stove at 15000, and also paid two months rent of 30000. The rest I used to buy fish for Annet to start serious business.

Linkmeug: How do you run the business?

Robert: Today I earn 15000 – 20000/= a day. Annet spends on transport and buying the fish, charcoal, cooking oil and keeps a profit for herself. Fish is auctioned at he market and she can buy fish at about 3000/= and after frying it, she sells it at about 10,000/= So in a day she makes about 80,000/= from which we pay for the costs and divide the profits.

Linkmeug: What is you dream?

Robert: I want to own a five star hotel in future but I know I will not get there in one day, so I am planning to start a piggery farm at our ancestral home and do other things to get to where I want.

Linkmeug: What inspires you?

Robert: President Barrack Obama and Sudhir Ruparelia inspire me. Sudhir says, “Dream big and sleep less,” meaning keep dreaming but work harder.

Linkmeug: Advise to the youth.

Robert: We all have dreams but they tend to be blown away by the wind.  The only way to fight and be strong and start up what you have and face the struggles and be a good planner. As a student I used to go to campus with a bicycle and i was so penniless that when it  broke down, I would walk from Bunga on Ggaba Road to Bulenga on Mityana road. But that never put me down I know one day the grass will be greener on my side too.

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