Every new graduate should be a sales person


By Prossy Nyafono

I have met so many young people who move from company to company dropping off applications and CVs which mention no job experience except the 2 months of internship and luckily a responsibility at church.

I recommend you go into marketing. Marketing is promoting the services or products of a company, call it persuading or convincing a person to switch to the products you have.

As a new jobless graduate, you might not know that marketing is the place to start and luckily in Uganda usually it doesn’t matter what you studied provided you can bring in the sales.

Let me explain why I am encouraging you to be a sales person. (marketer)

  1. People skills

Marketing involves moving from place to place and you have to speak to people and tell them why your product is better than what they use. This will train you in persuasion a skill many companies dealing with clients will need.

Many jobs need more than what you studied. People skills include [communication skills, customer handling, stress management marketing teaches you all these.

2. Confidence

If you go marketing, you will definitely meet people with higher education, more power and money. Some are even very intimidating and if you can manage to talk to them and get their attention, you don’t need more training for your next interview.

3. Meeting different people

When you are looking for a job, the farthest you can go in most companies is the Human resource office and in many organizations it will be the reception or the gate, – now isn’t that just frustrating?

That is not so with marketing; it opens the entire organization to you right from the gate to the top management of the organization.

In other companies, depending on what you are marketing, the managers can arrange a meeting for you to talk to all the staff members. This will be just great for you. It is your chance to not only sell the products but market yourself as a very intelligent and knowledge young person. They just might hire you to talk to their clients.

4. Training ground

Marketing is more than just selling a product, you learn about different companies and products on the market; you will also experience how business works in your field, learn to write proposals, reports, presentations, learn business language, the list is endless.

5. Decide how much you earn

It’s no secret that sales people are some of the highest paid people world over. This is because it is the one world where you get exactly what you put in. Each business you bring in comes with a commission and the more you sell the more the commission. A sales person can earn over 10 times what the managing director earns.

Where to start

  • Almost any company that needs customers needs someone to those clients about the available services and products. You are the company’s voice. Factories, schools, media houses, insurance companies, health products, supermarkets, car sellers, housing estate companies, etc all need someone to bring in the money.
  • Read about the company you want to go to and study their market. Approach their Sales and Marketing manager and present yourself confidently. Convince them you can bring in the sales.
  • Find out if the company will give you a retainer [an allowance that helps you reach clients, make calls etc] many companies don’t give this allowance to new recruits so you have to work hard to get your first client.

Get moving and good luck from LinkmeUg


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