Meet Santos Kalema, the 24yr old behind CityTv

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Heard about Uganda’s exclusively online television City Tv? Today on LinkmeUg Youths in Business, meet Santos Kalema a 24-year-old photographer, journalism student at MUK, growing producer and the brain behind the first online t.v in Uganda.

LinkmeUg: Tell us about online television!
Santos: City Tv is an online tv, we have seven shows presently. You can subscribe and watch via YouTube. Our official link is City Television Uganda.
LinkmeUg: it’s the first of it’s kind here, when did you get this idea
Santos: I actually got the thought of starting an online TV in July last year, after the digital migration. But I don’t work alone, Govule Mudashir is my partner in producing the programs you see on City Tv.

LinkmeUg: what does one require to run online television?
Santos: Starting something like this requires one to study their environment. One needs to understand the people they are to deal with.

LinkmeUg: Why an online TV?
Santos: people should consume content when they want to. There is no need to move a television set to your workplace, or wait till a particular hour to watch your favorite show!
LinkmeUg: what kind of audience is City Tv targeting and why?
Santos: our target audience is particularly the youth. But all the others can watch as well. The youth dominate the Ugandan population. So no other group can give us a larger audience. For that matter, we produce programs for the youth.
LinkmeUg: Do you think online tv has merit over the “usual” tv?
Santos: yes it does. It’s less costly, we don’t need big and expensive studios. It’s really not as expensive as buying a tv set and a decoder. It’s a matter of buying data and then access tv anytime, anywhere.

LinkmeUg: what are the challenges that come with running online television?
Santos: Well, convincing people to watch tv online isn’t an easy task. Many aren’t familiar with this concept but we hope they’ll adopt it. We have no sponsors yet, so facilitating quality content production is also hard.
LinkmeUg: You are a very hardworking youth, what dedicates you to your work?
Santos: we all know our country is full of job seeking youths. This doesn’t make a lot of sense. All I am aiming at is maximizing opportunities for fellow talented youth and creating training ground for the capable ones. I am sure we’ll get there?

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LinkmeUg: we are aware that many youth are unemployed, why do you think this is so?
Santos: Actually, I think unemployment is family-oriented. Some families perceive education as a source of income, to the point that others sell land to invest in education.
LinkmeUg: So what does it take for one to be employed?
Santos: Getting employed is all about the mindset. The youth should explore more about themselves and their capabilities. Not blaming the government and their parents.

LinkmeUg: So apart from city tv and campus, what else occupies you?
Santos: I produce a show on StarTv and for some other individuals.
LinkmeUg: Job creators, aren’t you?
Santos: Yes we are. If you can’t get a job, create one

Santos spoke to LinkmeUg’s Charlotte Arinaitwe


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