How I got a job: Judith Atim’s skills have thrown doors open


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As a job seeker, you want to tryout every trick in the book on how to get a job. You read the papers, talk to friends, walk into a company and ask them if they have a job or not.

At LinkmeUg, we bring you many ways of getting a job from the people it has worked for. Today we bring you KFM’s Judith Atim whose career began in her S.6 vacation when she walked into a radio station in Gulu and asked for a job.

First we asked Judith what her first job was.

Judith: My first job was in 2004 as i was working for Choice Fm in Gulu. It was during my s.6 vacation that i realized i had nothing to do during the long vacation so i contemplated giving radio a try. I asked for a job and 3 weeks later, i got a call from the manager asking me to anchor news at their station. And that’s how I got to read News at 6am and 8pm.

LinkmeUg: For how long did you work at choice FM?

Judith: it wasn’t really a long time because after a few months later, i was called up by another station in Gulu – Keen FM. They were giving me more than what i was earning at Choice Fm so I moved.

After a year at keen FM, I decided to go back to school get back to school and study media. is all about since i was an a mature by then yet i wanted to get professional.

LinkmeUg: Which school and level was it?

Judith: it was UMCAT where i studied a diploma in journalism and this was in 2006.

LinkmeUg: Did you ever go back to school to study something else?

Judith: Not back the then but now I am upgrading at IUIU.

LinkmeUg: While at UMCAT how did you make it to the air waves once again?

Judith: I had a classmate (Ntege Williams) who was already working with a media company (Top tv) He saw my ability during the media clinics we had at UMCAT.

In those clinics, lecturers would identify our talents and advice and advise accordingly. They were about presenting, news anchoring, broadcasting and “djaying”.

William spoke to his boss about me. Pr. Ronald Mubiru was the Programs Director at Top T.V and radio. He asked about my experience and what i could do in the media industry and having worked as a radio news anchor before, i opted for the reporting job to explore the industry right from the bottom. I worked there for a year and a half.

LinkmeUg: When was your break through into the bigger media?

Judith: My break through was in 2009 just before my graduation. I was working as a news anchor with Vision Voice currently known as Xfm.

LinkmeUg: Was it through a friend again?

Judith: No it wasn’t, I spoke to the Programs Director about a vacancy and what i could do. H asked for a demo in the production since there was no vacancy yet. After a month, i was called upon and told my voice was good. I got the job and I worked at Vision Voice from 2009 -2011.

LinkmeUg: What else did you do besides reporting and anchoring?

Judith: In 2011, I wrote for the now defunct print media The razor. It closed down after only 6 months. My intention was to cross into print but this was cut short.

Sanyu FM advertised a job in search of a news anchor and though I was hesitant in applying for it, my friends motivated me and I gave it a try. Many people had submitted application letters and when I got there, I was asked to produce a demo of my anchoring. 2 weeks later, i started to work.

LinkmeUg: How did you get into The Monitor Publications and KFM in particular?

Judith: I was just head-hunted by KFM. While at Sanyu fm in July 2012, KFM called me and offered an opportunity that i couldn’t resist. I work with the News room at KFM and anchor news.

Word to the job seekers:

Judith: Through every step you take in your life, you have to learn from it and look out for  people in life that will help you grow and mature mentally and professionally.

A look into Judith Atim’s career Journey.

Judith got jobs in many ways;

  • She walked to a work place and asked for a job,
  • Sad a friend get her another
  • Read an advert and applied
  • Got a call from another employer for work. [You must be so good at what you do for an employer to call you.]

At LinkmeUg, we bring you the career paths of different young people in Uganda in our series How I got a job. We hope Judith’s story inspires you to try out other avenues to get that job.

Good luck.


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