Generation Next – Meet upcoming artist Tee-mo

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Today we meet Timothy Emmanuel Ouma aka Tee-mo, a Kenyan born Ugandan based singer- song writer , He is also a music director at Royals Acapella band of Uganda.

LinkmeUg: When and where did you grow up?
Tee-mo: 25 October is my birthday, I grew up in Nairobi-Kenya at a place called Buruburu but I was a humble kid.
Answer: I love watching movies, singing, playing music and watching rugby.

LinkmeUg: How did you get discovered?
Tee-mo:2009 after I met a Kenyan gospel artist Rufftone together with his brother Daddy Owen. They took me to their studio Lampstand records in Kenya and did some vocal recording that made love music till today.
LinkmeUg: What’s some of the music you have done since you began?
Tee-mo: I did cancer song Ft Squizecut,  Tell me why, and Songa mbele Ft Frankie B.

LinkmeUg: Can you talk about that one defining moment when you knew you wanted to be a musician?
Tee-mo: Whenever I stood and sang for different people who cheered me up at a tender age of 8, I knew my future was n music.
LinkmeUg: Does your music carry a particular message or is it meant for pure pleasure?
Tee-mo: I enjoy RnB music and personally, I sing inspirational and gospel music like show me the way and cancer song. They reach out to those who have lost hope so you can say I sing to give people comfort and hope.
LinkmeUg: Can you talk about a fan encounter that completely took you by surprise?

Tee-mo:  Uuuuuuuh seriously can’t recall…..anyway I remember when I had attended an O.B –O.G party and I was called to perform and all of a sudden a babe screamed loud from the crowed with much love and at this point I had not realized that I got such love for me.

Linkme Ug qtn: What advice would you give to future musicians as an artist and a song writer?
Tee-mo: If you have a passion in doing something, go for it do not seat on dreams and talent.
LinkmeUg: What is that one thing people would be surprised to know about you?                                                                                            Tee-mo: That like KIKOMANDO spiced up with avocado

LinkmeUg: What is that one thing you wished you knew when you were younger?
Tee-mo: I always questioned myself why I talked to people in TV and they never responded back. [Laughs]
LinkmeUg: Where can people get your music?
Tee-mo: Sound cloud and YouTube.

LinkmeUg: Who would you take on a date on space and why?
Tee-Mo: My mother….because she’s my hero and carried me for nine months and still shows me the unconditional love
LinkmeUg: What projects are you currently working on?
Tee-Mo: Am working on the song titled Cry No more, be ready for it.
Linkme Ug qtn: Who inspired you to pursue this dream?             Tee-Mo: Boyz 2 Men and Tyrese Gibson, these gave me more than a million reasons to love music.

LinkmeUg: SO are you too a bathroom singer?
Tee-mo: Not really.
LinkmeUg: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Tee-mo: Not really, at times such relationships don’t last for long.
LinkmeUg: Where do you see yourself in the competition?
Tee-mo: The rising star with a bright future.
LinkmeUg: Where do you think you will be after 5 years?
Tee-mo: I want to have a music studio.                                              LinkmeUg: On what do you spend the most?
Tee-mo: Clothes, perfume and underwear [laughs]