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Uganda’s Generation Next on LinkmeUg brings you the emerging talent, it’s all new and all fresh, they dream bring and are running fast. Meet Ian Muhumuza Emmanuel aka Ian Pro, a young music producer, sound engineer and drum player.

Linkme Ug qtn: How do you describe yourself?

Ian Pro: I am a Ugandan music producer, sound engineer, song writer and an instrumentalist. I also own an artist managing company called Team Ian Pro which manages artists like Rizah Baka, Don Blaze and Maliswene and I am the main producer at Onyx Records located in Kasubi Kiwunya.

LinkmeUg: How were you discovered?

Ian Pro: That was in 2010 when I used to play drums in church. My big brother built a recording studio for me; that is when I took up being Ian Pro. I was also inspired by my Pastor Dr. Grace Kityo of Faith Christian Centre church

Linkme Ug qtn: What is your favorite music?

IAN PRO: Ugandan music, strictly.

LinkmeUg: What’s some of the music you have produced since you began?

Ian Pro: Ebijjujulu By Eddy Kenzo & Ziza Bafana, Sijja by Victor Kamenyo and Songa mbere By King Saha, etc

LinkmeUg: Can you talk about that one defining moment when you knew you wanted to be a music producer?

Ian Pro: When I was still in school those big boys would tease me so I felt that I needed to make myself a star as to show them that I could be something big and that’s how I have managed to prove to the world that you can be something out of nothing.

LinkmeUg: Can you talk about a fan encounter that completely took you by surprise?

Ian Pro: Sometime back I went to Masaka to visit my friend SK Brian an artist based in Masaka and then he took me to ambiance club Masaka. I didn’t know that the audience was waiting for me as a producer who has made some mega songs, that took me by surprise and I had even to shade tear of joy.

LinkmeUg: Where can people get the music you have produced?

Ian Pro: Sound cloud, YouTube, and music stores, hahahahaaaa not forgetting the LinkmeUg platform.

LinkmeUg: What advice would you give to future musicians as a producer and song writer?

Ian Pro: To just work hard and know that only you can make yourself what you want to be.

LinkmeUg: What projects are you currently working on?

Ian Pro: I have many projects I am working on but they are too many to mention now.

Linkme Ug qtn: Where do you see yourself in the competition as a music producer?

Ian Pro: I see myself among the top music producers in Uganda

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What my fans may not know

  • My birthday is 25th August
  • I grew up in Mengo kisenyi and my God! I was a very stubborn kid.
  • Am married and have two kids.
  • As a child I really needed to know how God feels when we do wrong things yet he gave us his son Jesus.
  • My wife is the person I am most crazy about; she’s been with me through thick and thin.
  • My pass time activities are playing football, watching movies with my family, video games and did I mention I love playing instruments like drums?
  • I am not a bathroom singer, why do people even do that?
  • I don’t believe in love at first sight.

As told to LinkmeUg’s Derrick Ddumba.


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