Dilemma: My step-mom wants me out of home

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Behind the smiling faces of many young faces and the vigour we seem to have, there are a number of us who are going through very complex situations especially at home and sometimes you can’t even tell a parent because they won’t pay.

One of the many youth is 20 year old Benon a 2nd year university student whose father has just brought a 4th wife home and she wants him out of the house. He shared his story with LinkmeUg.

“I live with my dad and step mum in this family i keep praying to God to have mercy on. This is because I have come to notice that am the ‘unwanted dog’ in the family and my second step mum is a green snake in the grass. She is so nice to us in my dad’s presence but speaks she is pure evil to me .

After my mother’s death, my father married another wife and she mistreated my elder siblings so much that all of them dropped out of school. My first brother [with whom I share a mother] dropped out in P.7, another brother dropped out in S.3 and my sister in S.4. She was lucky to get a man who took her back to school but she is now his house-wife. My brother [P.7] is a casual laborer doing all sorts of odd jobs and the other is a DJ at a bar in Kampala.

I was the only one left home by the time my father’s 3rd wife left home. Although my father was giving me school fees in small bits, I was glad to be in school. However, I am now worried about completing my final year because my father has brought his 4th wife home and she wants me out of the house too.

I only eat at home if my father is around which means I go without breakfast and lunch. There are days she has stopped me from going to school and given me endless chores around the house. Recently, she made it clear that my father’s property belongs to her children; I will not even describe the verbal abuse I put up with day and night. Worst of all is that when I told my father, he told me not to dare accuse his wife; I couldn’t take it any further because she acts very loving and harmless before everyone else. I am so stressed about this because  and need help.

LinkmeUg has a counselor you can consult in case you are in a dilemma like this. Call Rose on 0705848656. She will give her reaction to this story about your comments are welcome.


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