Do our boyfriends understand periods?

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The period is a topic every girl discusses with her friends ranging from the pain killers they use to the sanitary experience,  moods and more. But the question is what do our boyfriends know and do about it?

Some guys look at their girlfriends acting all emotional and just can’t understand the whole situation. Some actually think they should stay away from their girlfriends till the period is gone. This is why I set out to talk to some campus ladies about their experience and the guys about how they support their girls during this time.

Lillian: When my period comes, I feel ill and depressed and I don’t want to do anything. I just want to stay in bed the whole week. It’s also so heavy that thick pads don’t help much. Cramps rule my life and I can’t go out at all not even school, it’s terrible.

Ruth: My story with the period has a lot to do with my moods. I get easily upset, I am more tired than usual, my clothes feel tighter than usual, my breasts are sore and I get headaches as well as cramps.  Like Lillian, its all bad for me.

Janet: I share the same experience with Ruth about the moods coz I get terribly depressed and teary before my periods to the point that anything wrong, however small, makes me unreasonably angry. My period itself is fine; it’s just the bad mood before-hand that’s a problem.

Sandra: I think I have the worst experience here, I throw up during my Period; my joints and back hurt and I totally lose appetite for food. The whole issue of periods is so horrible that it makes me hate being a girl.

Gloria: It’s such a pity what Sandra, Janet and all of you go through; I have normal periods, nothing like cramps, no mood swings or anything you are talking about. I have no reason to regret being a girl, I thank God for that.

LinkmeUg: Indeed the story is different from one girl to another but generally most have cramps and mood swings. Some cases like Sandra, Lillian are extreme and need to see a doctor. I then met some campus guys in relationships and I asked how they treat their girlfriends during the period.

Jonah: I am patient with her unless she is being physically or emotionally abusive which probably has nothing to do with her period. I think I try to have a good relationship with her to keep us closer.

Alex: Unlike what I have heard from my friends about their girls, my girlfriend wants a great deal of company and affection during her period and I believe it’s my responsibility to give her that attention; I do my best.

Frank: When my girlfriend is depressed or in a bad mood during her period, I always try to make her feel good about her herself. I give her compliments that make her feel beautiful and intelligent. It makes her feel better.

Innocent: During my girl’s period, I buy the sanitary pads, her favorite foods. I want to be a good boyfriend and I think I am.

James: Am considerate when my girl friend is in her periods; most of the time she doesn’t want to do anything. So I help out with the chores and suggest some activities together. We always settle down for games, movies, puzzles which help to take off her stress and relaxes more.

John Mark: I don’t like it when my girlfriend is on her periods, her attitude changes. she can argue over little things and easily get pissed. So every time she is on her periods, I try to avoid her until she is done.

Fred: Girls and periods! I just don’t understand it when they get so angry at you over small things; it’s like they are doing it on purpose. I think if one has so much pain they should see a doctor or gynecologist.

Derrick: Well, I haven’t had such experience but from what I have heard, I am sure to be afraid of even coming close to her.

Patrick: I don’t like it all; I even don’t want to get close to her. A friend of mine even told me he can’t eat food prepared by his girlfriend when she is in her period claiming that it’s unclean.

Felix: It’s really nothing personal but not all of us can stand the sight of blood or the thought of someone bleeding. Girls don’t even like it how do you expect guys to be comfortable?

Some guys have not understood what the period is and how to live with ladies in their life. I got in touch with our counselor Rose Nakibuuka about the guys’ fears and here was her response.

Counselor: The period is part of a woman’s life and just like ladies try to understand their boyfriends, they too have to understand the girls. A good boyfriend is there for her in every situation like Jonah, Alex and James.

I think Derrick, Patrick and other guys who are not comfortable with the period need to take spend more time talking to the girls about it, that way they will understand it better.

About being unclean, that is a lie. Even hotels have women cooking and they are have the period monthly. You grew up eating your mother’s food; the period is part of a woman’s life so you have to embrace it unless you plan to cook your meals all your life or not marry at all.

Besides, girls know how to take care of themselves to keep clean and to wash their hands before handling any food.

I wish all boy friends were like Innocent who buys sanitary towels for her and the others who spend more time with their girlfriends. It is caring for each other that makes the relationship interesting and worth maintaining.

To help guys understand the period better and be able to help their girlfriends, LinkmeUg consulted Dr. Yvette Wibarara of International Medical Clinic. First we asked about painful period and what to do about it.

Dr. Yvette: Although some pain during your period is normal, excessive pain is not. Just to keep it simple, I want girls and boys to understand that young ladies have more painful periods than older women and it affects them more so don’t compare you girlfriend to your older sister or mother.

Usually the pain and effect of the period reduces with age or when a lady has a baby – this is not to send you to have babies. Sometimes the pain is a result of;

  • Having a family history of painful periods
  • Smoking
  • Having irregular periods
  • Fibroids or an infection
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • For some women it is the intrauterine devices (IUDs) contraception

LinkmeUg: How do we relieve menstrual pain?

Dr. Yvette: Home care treatments may be successful in relieving painful cramps including;

  • Using a warm towel to massage your back or abdomen
  • Taking a warm bath.
  • Regular physical exercise , even yoga
  • Eating light nutritious meals [Fruits, vegetable, eggs, yoghurt or milk]
  • Raising your legs or lying back with your knees bent.
  • Reduce your intake of salt, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar to prevent bloat[]

LinkmeUg: When is it time to call a doctor?

Dr. Yvette:

  • Very painful menstrual periods that go on for more than three months.
  • Passing blood clots
  • Cramping accompanied by a running stomach and nausea
  • Pain outside the menstruation

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