What experience do employers expect from fresh graduates?

worried graduate

Young job seekers usually lack job experience and always wonder why an employer asks for at least 2 years experience from a university graduate. LinkmeUg put Ms. Priscilla Owor a Human Resource officer to task to explain this.

“Fresh graduates are very frustrated that employers expect working experience from them yet they are just from school. I want you to know that Employers have invested in their businesses and don’t want a person who doesn’t know what to do to manage it; but they don’t necessarily need experience in the same line of work,” she says.

“Experience should be gained from any job you can get while you are at school or right after. Try to get a job while at campus, it could be as a sales person, receptionist, customer care person even shop attendant. Employers want to know how you deal with people, your level of accountability, handling money and clients, communication skills and computer skills among others,”Ms. Owor adds.

A fresh graduate who has made an effort to get a work experience even from a low paying job is a candidate for a better job. It’s not everyday that your dream job will find you home watching a TV series, after campus, jump onto the available job and learn as much from it as you can.


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