S.6 Vacist reaping big in brick laying.


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In the scorching sun, some people often prefer to keep in doors, however Kaled Muhwezi is preparing soil and toiling to beat the dead line for his next customer who has ordered for 12,000 bricks in a week. Kaled is one of the young entrepreneurs working hard to earn a living.
The 21 year old, a resident of Kasubi has just completed his S.6 but instead of sitting home like many of his peers, Kaled started a brick laying project near his home through which he is earning a living. LinkmeUg’s Bright Twijukye caught up with him.

LinkmeUg: When did you start this project?
Kaled: Not long ago, if I may recall, I started this project in December 2015 towards Christmas.

LinkmeUg: Where do you get the materials for your project?
Kaled: This project being situated in kampala where soil, my raw material, is scarce. I often link with construction companies who sell me soil after excavating construction sites.

LinkmeUg: Why did you choose such a project among others business ventures?
Kaled : Surprisingly, I make double profits which I don’t think any other business would make. I sell each brick at shs. 160/=  Monthly, I make and sell over 12,000 bricks at about 1,920,000/=

LinkmeUg: What are some of the challenges you face in this type of business?
Kaled:  The changing weather partners disrupt me a lot. Sometimes it rains hard when I need the sun to dry these bricks, and the other challenge is, that this type of business is tiresome. Another challenge is that I don’t earn daily like those who own shops.

LinkmeUg: What are your costs like?

Kaled: To bake these bricks I buy fire wood at Shs. 360,000/= which bakes between 10,000 and 12,000 bricks in one turn.

LinkmeUg: To the youth

Kaled: Youth especially vacists should not seat home during holidays like this one but rather go out and make some money because soon, you will need to pay your own bills.

Brick laying is a business you can start will little or no liquid capital. You will need the will to do it, the energy and time. It’s also a business you can quickly learn on the job if you talk to brick layers in your community. Good luck.


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