The mistakes we make at the interview


After your last paper at campus, you hit the streets; knock on doors of friends, relatives and friends’ relatives in such of jobs. We all have a different story. Some people get the job in a 6 months, a year, or longer than that. Sometimes you get you even make it to the interview but it never turns into a job. LinkmeUg spoke to a Human Resource officer Ms. Priscilla Owor about the mistakes we make at interview.

Priscilla says, “The negative attitude and poor communication skills have shocked me most about the young job seekers we see today. Some walk into the room with a defeated look, others have the impression that the job already belongs to someone else and they have come to pass time; that is really bad. Then others know someone in the company so they come with a scorn on their faces.


The HR says, “Young job seekers need to improve their communication skills, some speak but you can hardly hear what they are saying. You need to speak confidently.”

Dress code

Priscilla says, “Youths should take job interviews seriously, dress decently which means no jeans, short skirts or unkempt hair.

The curriculum Vitae

Many youths don’t know how to write a proper CV and you will need help in this area but the HRO says, “It should include a brief back ground about you, include your date of birth because some jobs need particular age groups, include your skills and their relevance to your skills. Include referees that can actually say something about you.

About the organization

When you are called to an interview, one of the ways to prepare is by researching about the company and job you have applied for. Find out what it involves and much the company pays for it. You will be asked for how much you want to be paid.

Good luck on finding that job.


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