Ugandan Apple users react to FBI-Apple court battle.

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By: [email protected]

Following months of scuffle between FBI and one of America’s biggest tech firms Apple, the two have decided to take their battle to the congress. This comes after many weeks of debate among many Americans about whether Apple is right or wrong to defy a court order instructing them to help the FBI unlock a terrorist’s iPhone.

The FBI director, James Comey who was the first one stand before the congress during the hearing on Tuesday, insisted that this was a matter of national security and Apple ought to comply.

Apple through their lead counsel Steve Sewel, insisted that Apple doesn’t have the software either to break the popular iPhone encryption and he said if Apple were to create such a software, it will have created a “backdoor into the iPhone”.

Apple has received massive support from the public especially its users who say the iPhone encryption is the only assurance they have about their privacy and against government surveillance. Many technology companies including Microsoft, Google, Whatsapp and Facebook have also supported the iPhone makers. However another chunk of American citizens support the FBI and urge Apple to cooperate. These include Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz who threatened to boycott apple products. The British Prime Minister David Cameroon also seems not to sympathize with the tech company.

In Uganda, iPhone users have maintained a rather inconclusive position with some supporting apple and others the FBI.

“I can’t support the FBI, I support the Apple Company! I would actually wish to have an iPhone 6 where the encryption is more complex. I bought my iPhone because of the secure iCloud and I feel so proud to know that no one can hack into my phone even if it were stolen. FBI should look for some other ways of breaking the lock; they have a lot of intelligence” said Fahad Nkuutu Hillary an iPhone 4s user in Najjanankumbi.

“Although I support the right to privacy, I think security is paramount so if it would help us to live in a safer world, I would support the FBI” said Hellen Luganda, Director SmartAds Uganda and an iPhone 5 user.

On December 2, 2015, 14 people were killed and 22 were seriously injured in a terrorist attack at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California. One of the terrorists, Fyde Farook is said to have been using an iPhone 5c with the FBI is struggling to unlock to today.

Some iphone users around the world don’t support the FBI, LinkmeUg would like to hear from you on this case.