I got a job before graduation


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In today’s competitive job market, effectively showcasing your knowledge and skills to an employer is critical in seeking and sustaining employment.

LinkmeUg talked to 23 year old Faisal Wampande who managed to get a job right after campus even before his graduation day in January 2016. He has been at Quality Assurance Chemist at Abacus Drugs Ltd who shares how he got a job.

LinkmeUg: You seem to have got a job without much effort and at an earlier age, how did you do it?
Faisal: Right after campus, I was notified by a friend on a job advert, I applied for it and was later called for interview, which I passed.
LinkmeUg: What are your responsibilities at the Abacus Drugs?
I am tasked with ensuring that all products meet the quality standards before leaving the company.
LinkmeUg: From your interview experience, what do you think employers look for from applicants?
Employers need knowledge of the technical aspects involved in the job one is applying for, the knowledge of the company one wants to work for and experience if any.
LinkmeUg: Talking of experience, how come you got employed with no experience at all?
Faisal: Well, the company was looking for fresh graduates, so I guess experience was merely added benefit.
LinkmeUg: Is that all that it takes for one to get employed?
Much as experience is beneficial, I think one’s relations and social circles play a vital role. These can open one’s doors to opportunity. If I wasn’t notified by a friend, probably I wouldn’t be employed.

A job can come from anywhere so don’t hesitate to try your options.


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