Concern over Diego Costa’s unpunished behaviour


By [email protected]

Football critics have noticed something unusual about Diego Costa. He seems to commit so many offenses right before everyone’s eyes except the referees. The Chelsea striker has not been sent off in six years despite a series of serious offenses.

The former Athletico Madrid striker has been caught on camera, pushing, scratching and even hitting other players but for some reason he never gets sent off the pitch.

LinkmeUg Sports lists some of the offenses that should have seen the Spanish international off but it never happened:

1.13th June 2015, he runs over Paris Saint Germaine’s Serge Aurier in the champions league.
2. In that same game he head butts David Luis.
3. 25th August 2015 he pulls off another headbutt against Westbrom’s Claudio Yacobu when Mark Clattenburg, the referee, doesn’t notice.
4.19th September 2015 when Chelsea plays Arsenal, he tries to pull Koscielny’s eyes out but is noticed by referee Mike Dean who doesn’t punish him.

5. In that same game Diego scratches Gabriel Paulista’s neck but ironically, referee Mike Dean sends Paulista off with a red card and Costa goes on unchecked.

6. On 3rd December 2015 he spits on Sergio Ramos as Athletico Madrid plays Real Madrid.
7. His offenses also include stamping on Emre Can when Chelsea plays Liverpool in the capital one semi final. Everyone notices except referee Micheal Oliver.

8. Later in the same game Diego kicks at Centre-back Martin Skrtel and then headbutts him.

Costa has booked himself the top spot on the nasty-man list in the Premier League but the referees don’t seem to notice.


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