Am I a ‘serial cheat’? The counselor responds..


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Previously we met Annet in dilemma…

I am Annet 25 and still at campus. In 2010 I met and fell in love with Hassan. When i became pregnant later that year, we got married. Our marriage was  really great at the beginning but soon Hassan started cheating on me with my best friend.

I felt so betrayed and the experience did not only dent my confidence but also provoked me to revenge. I cheated on him with his friend too and this lead to our divorce.  I left with my 3yr son; but since then, I seem to be cheating on every guy and I change them very often.

Currently I am with Robert who pays for my son’s school and am settled enough to go back to campus; problem is I am cheating on him. I think I have a problem being faithful.

Below is the response from LinkmeUg counselor Rose on 0753449344

Annet thanks for sharing your problem with us, but according to me you still carry the pain from the last relationship yet it was necessary to heal from the wounds before moving on. I think its better you think about your long and short benefits of your relationship with Robert in relation to your developed values and goals. This will help you avoid risky behaviors that could expose you to HIV/AIDS, and STIs .

Secondly before entering any relationship you need to ask yourself such questions;

  • Do I really need this relationship?
  • What am I looking for in a this relationship?
  • What challenges am I likely to face?
  • What will my parents/ guardians if they got to know about these relationships?
  • Do I really love this person?
  • Have I made the right decision?
  • What if things don’t work out according to my expectations?

If you really love Robert, remember a successful relationship needs respecting each other, being responsible, understanding each other, caring for each other, being honest, committed, trustworthy and effective communication.

If you have any questions for our counselor, do not hesitate to call her or send an email to [email protected]


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