Keko finally quits ‘weed’!!


By [email protected]

We all need a future where all our dreams come true and not a life that condemns realities; Believe it or not our famous hiphop artist Jocelyne Tracey aka Keko is tired of smoke that have been making her life hell.

LinkmeUg has learnt that the ace rapper has given up smoking pot and marijuana after using the drugs on and off for about a decade. ‘Weed’ smoking starts like a harmless pass-time hobby but soon becomes a nasty addiction leading to anti-social and paranoid tendencies. This is the reason Keko has finally quit weed.

In fact, LinkmeUg has also learnt that Keko has threatened to sue anyone who says she still smokes weed. Keko, who now thanks God for her health, has congratulated fellow rapper Navio for being an exemplary leader in the hip hop culture today and she says focus is on changing everything in her life, even music producers.

That’s a good way to start the year Keko!


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