Holiday jobs: my uncle doesn’t pay me!

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Are you out of campus or in S.6 Vac? It’s a New Year and there are chances you will get the job you have been trying to get. But, have you considered working with that aunty with a restaurant or your dad? The experience may not be so pleasant but it may help on your next job application.

LinkmeUg caught up with Dalton [alias] a shop attendant at his uncle’s shop in down town Kampala. The shop sells electrical appliances and Dalton takes turns with other attendants to attend to clients as they come in.

LinkmeUg: How old are you?

Dalton: I am 16 years old in S.4 vac

LinkmeUg: How long have you been in the shop?

Dalton: I started in December 2015, I didn’t want to stay at home all day coz I am not really a movie person. I couldn’t sit and watch TV all day.

LinkmeUg: So how do you find your job?

Dalton: Its okay, busy, generally a job with good experience for me.

LinkmeUg: what is your pay like?

Dalton: I have no pay, I was promised pay but my uncle says he will give me pocket money when am leaving. But he gives me Shs10,000 a day for transport, breakfast and lunch at work.

LinkmeUg: Are you happy about these terms?

Dalton: No am not, but am already here and I can’t tell my parents  about it. I don’t want them to have problems with him.

LinkmeUg: Do you think he needed another shop attendant or he helped give you a job as a nephew?

Dalton: He needed me because there was a gap by the time I came, I am sure he doesn’t pay me because I am his relative. The others are paid and even given bonuses on big sales; but I would rather be here than sitting home.

LinkmeUg: Will you be back next vacation?

Dalton: Not unless he pays me the same with the others. The job is good and he has clients but I can’t work under these conditions again.

LinkmeUg: Do you think he will give you the pocket money he promised?

Dalton: I think he will but I know it will be less than a quarter of what I should earn.


Sometimes the experience counts more than the money and so working with such a relative may not be as bad as it looks.


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