Dealing with Rape!


By [email protected]

It is the most horrible experience a woman can ever go through and it leaves the victim stressed, bruised and feeling shame. Today in Uganda, many women and girls are traumatized after being raped and tend to have no way out to seek justice and carry it as a secret to their graves except for a few friends to share it with. But much as the experience is horrible, we should not let it have lasting impact on our life such as low self esteem, HIV, and an unwanted baby.

LinkmeUg caught up with the police, a doctor and a counselor in a 3 part series on how to deal with rape.

The police

LinkmeUg caught up with Mr. Tom Murangi O.C kabalagala police station about how one can seek justice after being raped.

Linkmeug: How can rape seek justice with the help of police?

Mr. Murungi: After the ordeal, report the case to police immediately without fear; the police is here to help you. We shall record a statement from you and also carry out a medical checkup that will act as evidence to back you in the arrest of the culprit.

Linkmeug: Some victims throw away ot burn the clothes and hide away from the public for weeks, how do you handle that?

Mr. Murungi: There is no problem about that as many do that and once they get the guts to report to police, the rapists tend to deny it since evidence was tampered with. But as police, we carry out an investigation and use all our tactics and arrest the rapist.

Linkmeug: How can a victim deal with a rapist she is afraid to report like a boss for fear of losing a job?

Mr. Murungi: You have to gain confidence and report otherwise the police can’t help you. Once you come to police, we shall find a way of helping you around the problem. For example, going back to work is an option and the police will help you get evidence against him.

LinkmeUg: What is the police doing to stop such violence in the country?

Mr. Murungi: Rape cases are many but we are doing all we can to reduce them. Some of these cases are from people who abuse the internet and watch pornography which make them sexually uncontrollable.

LinkmeUg: what advice do you give victims of sexual violence?

Mr. Murungi: Report to the police to save other women from such men and also get a help from a counselor.

Rape is a crime and an act of cowardice. If you want to report a rapist, don’t believe their threats and report them. In Uganda, a rapist can get a death sentence, save other women by reporting all rapists . In our second part of Dealing with rape, we talk to a doctor about the tests carried out at the hospital after this experience.