Dealing with rape: talking to a counselor helps..


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Talking about a horrible experience is not an easy task. This is why you need a professional counselor. They are trained to listen, not judge and to keep your secret. Rape is an experience hard to recover from but it helps to talk to a counselor even years after the ordeal. We encourage you to talk to the LinkmeUg counselor for any challenge you are going through. We asked her about recovering from sexual assault.
LinkmeUg: What is the best way to get over rape?
Counselor: Talk to someone you trust to help you through this challenge. A counselor is better placed to help you. Do not isolate yourself, a problem shared is half solved. You can also talk to a religious leader near you, or the police for help.

LinkmeUg: Some rapists are close to the victims which scares them from talking.
Counselor: Do not be intimidated by a relative or a boss, if you keep quiet, the rape will continue. Talk to the police or someone understanding in the family.

LinkmeUg: Can someone get over the psychological pain?
Counselor: Over time, yes they can. Accept that it happened and even if you get HIV, don’t despair, many people have HIV and are living positively. With prayer you can forgive the person and be happy again.

LinkmeUg: Do you think a rape victim should tell parents?
Counsellor: Unfortunately, some parents judge their daughters for being raped. They are harsh and blame them for the friends they have and the places they go to. But if there is a good relationship between the girl and her parents, they are the best support she would need. Parents can help with the hospital, reporting the case and protecting you from more harm. I advise parents to make it easier for their daughters to tell them anything.

LinkmeUg: Situations where the victim and the rapist are close like family or a boss.
Counselor: Usually hatred, anger and bitterness follow rape; this can lead to violence. Many times, when a rapist is not reported, he will do it again. Report the case to the police and let the rapist be put away from society where he can’t hurt you or any other woman.

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