Badminton top seed Jacob Musisi talks to LinkmeUg sports


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Badminton is a game of fitness and logic were you have to heat and defend the shuttle till the ampire calls for game down at 21points for you to win a single set. In Uganda little do the youth know about this sport but LinkmeUg caught up with Uganda’s seed one Musisi Jacob who gave us an insight of his life with the game.

Musisi Jacob 23, is a student at Ndejje university pursuing a bachelors degree in science and marketing says badminton is a game that has given meaning to his life right from Form 3 when  he discovered his talent till university when he received a bursary.

Musisi says he drew his inspiration from a Chinese proffesional  player Lin Dan and once he stepped on the court, turning back wasn’t an option. speaking with conviction, Musisi says his journey wasn’t a bed of roses as daily training was mandatory in his pursuit of success.

He mentions of Edwin Ekiring and Wilson Tukile who motivated him to work tooth and nail. Not only has Musisi been ranked uganda’s seed one, but also won honours like MVP in the recently concluded Mk-badminton league in 2015.

He also won gold in the university games in Busoga. The seed has been able to travel to countries like South Korea, Japan, Germany and Kenya where he has made a name with his stick smash that many fear. After discovering his abilities in badminton, Musisi expounds that he has been able to land a marketing manager job with metro tyres in kampala.

Musisi encourages the youth to engage in badminton for fitness or for competitive purposes like him. Its an indoor game needing a racket and a shuttle with sports shoes and a training ground for one to play. Sharing at Nsambya, VCC in Ntinda and Kampala badminton Club are the places one can train.

Future plans

The talented seed sees himself as a coach with his own club in the next five years. He believes he is aging and would love also to help the young people with big dreams in badminton.

Badminton is a viable option for Ugandan youths;  LinkmeUg encourages you to exploit your talent.


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