The disease on your chair!!

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Are you a corporate, sitting at a desk on computer all day? Looks like your health problems are starting on your office chair. Being inactive is bad, but how bad? Young people who sit most of the time at their work places are living dangerously if they don’t exercise their bodies after the long hours of sitting according to doctors.

Dr Amon Rukundo of International medical link emphasizes that although sitting in itself is not the problem, failing to give the body some exercise in between the sitting hours and eating fatty and sugary foods makes it worse.

So what is the danger in sitting for long hours?

Dr. Rukundo: our bodies were meant to move and when you don’t move them about every hour; the unused glucose is turned into fat which is stored around the heart, the belly, the kidney and within blood vessels.

Around the heart

  • Accumulated fat can cause death of muscles around the heart as a result of decreased blood flow causing breathlessness, sharp piercing around the heart.
  • Fat clogs arteries forcing the heart to use more pressure to pump blood through them thus causing high blood pressure.
  • In worst case scenarios, a large piece of fat can break off and completely block some vessels causing a stroke.
  • Another strange thing about our bodies is that when you sit for long hours, your body does not use the energy available and so your heart doesn’t send more energy to your body part. In worst case scenarios you may get a blood clot.

LinkmeUG: Who is most at risk?

Dr. Rukundo: People who sit most of the time; say at work or in class and don’t get the chance to walk. Some people sit at office sit all day, use lifts and then drive home and when they get there, they sit down for television. For students in smaller institutes, lectures could be in the same class for 5 hours, the same student takes a boda boda back home/hostel and sits to watch a series. Basically, lack of exercise to the body is the problem.

LinkmeUG: How much exercise does the body need?

Dr. Rukundo: To avoid the effects of sitting too much, a 5 minutes’ break every hour is relevant to walk is okay. Other physical exercises to break the monotony is dancing, jogging, aerobics, swimming and playing games. Some young people have the belief that sex is a form of physical exercise as good as running. This is not true.

So the trick is in moving your body around, for more health help, call Dr.Rukundo on 0703010264


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