Uganda’s film industry is rising, wanna join? Here’s how…

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Have you dreamt of acting, the spot light, action? Don’t let your dream pass by. It’s never too late to go into acting but, you have to start somewhere. And what is good about acting is that there is a role for any age provided you are willing to work hard at it.

LinkmeUG spoke to award winning film maker Joseph S Ken, CEO Zenken Films about how one can join Uganda’s film industry as an actor.

“Film is first about passion because it can take long to get to the top or earn lots of money from it,” Joseph says, “ The best place to start for anyone interested in acting is the National theatre on first floor where the film club meets every Tuesday at 6pm.”

Joseph says the National theatre film club will introduce you to other actors who will share their experience, what they do in the industry, which producer they are working with and where you can go for training to get better skills.

You can join the film industry as;

  • A writer
  • Actor
  • Producer
  • Makeup artist
  • Lighting
  • Set designing
  • Camera
  • Welfare
  • Transport
  • Etc

Film school and workshops

Joseph underwent training with Maisha film lab found in Kansanga on Ggaba road. Maisha mentors film writers, producers and actors. This opened up opportunities for him in Kenya, from where he searched for more opportunities in South Africa, Netherlands and Germany.

The money in film

The movie industry pays better in Nigeria and South Africa. Kenya too is growing but little can be said about Uganda Joseph says it’s because we prefer to consume foreign movies. Ugandan film makers have therefore to sell their film outside Uganda and to pay T.V houses. Joseph says actors in Uganda are paid between 30,000 and 100,000 depending on how good one is or the role they play in the movie.

Auditions with Zenken Films

Zenken films won 4 awards in the 2015 Uganda film festival, and working with them will take lots of experience and exposure. Zenken films advertises openings through their facebook page [Zenken films].

Dreams can come true if you don’t want to give up on them. Good luck on becoming an actor.


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  • I can join the film industry as actor if you don’t mind!