I am not in love with him; I just don’t want to be lonely….

confused lady 2

I know it is unfair and that is why am feeling guilty about it. In November 2014, I met Derrick right after breaking up with Simon. It was about 3 months apart and I was so lonely that when Simon came to me, I just wanted to go out with someone. I admit I fear being lonely and just want to have a boyfriend. Simon is so nice, he cares, checks on me, gives me surprises and I do the same like a very good friend.

By the time I met him, i was volunteering with a law firm which gave me only transport. Simon helped me get the current job which pays really well for a girl one year out of campus and still living with her parents. Simon [28] is so serious about the relationship and now wants me to meet his sisters. But I don’t want to do this because I am not serious about him and yet i don’t want him gone because he treats me well and I fear being lonely and I also don’t want to hurt his feelings by leaving but I think meeting his family when I am not into him is really unfair. Am confused.


Please advise Ronah.


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