How your phone may kill you!

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A phone is a must-have in Uganda today; let me rephrase that, ‘a smart-phone is a must have among Uganda’s youths today. What with all the ‘what-sapping,’ face-booking’, twitting, ‘selfing’ and ofcourse checking for the latest info on that you have to do. But all this comes with battery problems and you need to charger your phone at least once a day.

On 21st September this year, Ugandans learnt of the death of a banker in Hoima linked to a phone on charge. This has happened in other parts of the world like Ghana, Indonesia, and China and just because we don’t have statistics as yet doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take more care.

LinkmeUG talked to a telecommunication engineer, Micheal Kimanje, about what could go so wrong with a phone that it kills you.

Michael: The issue with phones is that they are electrical appliances or gadgets like you may prefer to call them but we tend to forget that. So we take them to the toilet, the bathroom, put them in the mouth for lighting or while we do something with our hands. We tend to forget that they have wires in them and that they access electricity. I heard of a girl who rushed from the bathroom with a towel on to pick a phone which was on charge, it exploded in her face.

LinkmeUG: So are you saying that touching our phones with wet hands can get us electrocuted?

Michael: If your phone is on charge, it is very risky to touch it with wet hands you may get a shock which could kill you. And when it’s not charging, the water from your hands may seep into your phone causing a short circuit when you connect the charger to it.

LinkmeUG: Beside wet hands, why else would a phone electrocute me?

Michael: The connection to a power source is where the trouble starts. Unstable power while charging may cause a shock if you are using the phone but the biggest problem is a bad charger or water. But either way, if you are not using the phone at the time it happens, you will not be shocked.

LinkmeUG: Is putting a phone to charge all night risky?

Micheal: It shouldn’t be if power is stable and if the phone doesn’t vibrate itself into a glass of water.


  • Disconnect your phone when charging is complete.
  • Buy an original charger every time you need another.
  • Avoid faulty sockets.
  • If your power bank or charger heats up, disconnect it from use. Find out if it is not a duplicate.


  • Do not expose your phone to water or sweat whether on charge or not.
  • Do not talk on your phone while charging.
  • Do not sleep next to a charging phone or put it under your pillow.
  • Do not use a phone very low on battery.

Just a little more caution to be safe doesn’t hurt and you wouldn’t want to have your smart phone burnt up because of a cheap charger, would you?


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