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Many of us think we know the exact drug to buy when we have a headache, backache, fever a toothache and others.

Gradually, we have become our own doctors, diagnosing the problem, deciding which disease it is and how bad it is. So we come up with a prescription.

Flagyl 2X3, Panadol 2×2, Cipro 1X2 and so on.

But walking into a drug shop and buying a drug you were told works is very deadly. It could lead to;

  • Inaccurate diagnosis
  • Using wrong drugs that may cause side effects
  • Curing symptoms instead discovering a serious condition
  • Delaying medical advice
  • Inaccurate dosage that leads to accidental over/under dose
  • Mixing medications that are not safe to mix.
  • Risk of abuse
  • Risk of developing an addiction or several addictions

Worse is severe health conditions or death.

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