I survived being raped by a “brother” from church..by Mercy N

Young woman with hand on her mouth.

It’s about 2 years now but the memory is still fresh in my mind. Early in 2014, I was in town looking for a job one year after campus. I walked into a lunch hour fellowship in town to pray for luck. I enjoyed the worship and the preaching so much that I kept going back every time I was in town. I have the habit of identifying something and sticking to it; that is what I did with my seat. I always walked into lunch hour at about 12:30pm and sat on the same seat.

About 2 weeks later, I found a man sitting next to ‘my seat’ and as we were already in the worship session, I just jumped into it. Now you know how pastors usually tell the faithful to hold hands and pray for one another. That was when it all started. The “brother” prayed so much and asked God to shower me with all spiritual, financial and all blessings known to man. Well I also prayed but was rather distracted by his pompous prayer.

The service was not so long, being lunch hour, but was so engaging with the pastor asking us to tell our neighbor this or that, giving them high five. I went along with it after all its part of the service. The service ended and we all went with the peace of the lord in our hearts. The next day started alright. I was so lost in my prayer for a job that I didn’t notice the brother settle in next to me. When I opened my eyes, there he was. But who was going to move from her seat because a brother was sitting, and what was wrong with him sitting there?

When the pastor told us to say hi to our neighbors, I did and he said he hoped I was not bothered by his presence. I wasn’t really bothered. After the service, he asked to be my prayer partner and I said I would think about it. He wasn’t arrogant or bossy, he was actually pleasant. The next day he came earlier and honestly I saw no problem sitting next to him. He quoted scriptures, prayed like a true warrior.

Fast forward we become friends, his name was Michael. I told him I was jobless and he promised to help. About 2 months later, he offered to introduce me to a friend with a job. He said his friend was in Ntinda and I heard him talking to someone on the phone about me. He said it was an office manager’s job at an NGO. So we hoped onto a taxi, and got off at Ntinda stage. We were quite hungry and so had lunch at one of the restaurants there. We then got onto boda bodas to the office. When we got off, the place looked weird, it was a residence. He realized I was not comfortable and he asked, “Sister Mercy, do u really think I can deceive you? The guy is here, and there are people in this compound.” I peeped and indeed saw people inside. I laughed it off and entered.

There were 3 houses in the place and 2 had their doors open. I immediately dismissed all doubt and walked confidently behind Michael. That is when he goes like, “This guy is not yet here? I should call him when we get inside.” He proceeded to the closed door to open it. I assumed it was an office and so walked in with no thought. But it was no office at all; it turned out to be a home, complete with a television stand, cupboard, chairs, photo frames on the walls. In my wonder, I didn’t see him close the door. When I realized, I knew I was ‘finished.’

I went into the attack mode. I asked if this wasn’t his house and he said it was. And what was I doing there? He said I was visiting. And what had happened to the job? He said there was no job; this he said walking away I guess to the bedroom because he returned in a short, already erect. I picked up my bag and stood in disbelief. I looked around in search for where he had put the key, I couldn’t see it.

That is when he said the most annoying statement I had ever heard. “Mercy, don’t play damn, I know you want me too. Why don’t you just be my girl friend? I told him I wanted him for a job not a boyfriend. He got angry and told me he didn’t run an employment bureau. By now he was standing right in front of me with one hand behind my waist and another on the wall behind me. He then held me against his body and tried to forcefully kiss me; in a reflex action I slapped him and with my sharp nails, held onto his ear with all my strength and gave him a scratch of his life. In fact, I thought I would tear it off.

I then hit his genital with my bag which had my perfume, bible, a novel and application letter. He screamed and went on his knees. A thought came to me to open the window and scream for help, he realized this and grabbed my leg so I fell.

Luckily, I fell right below his fan; I grabbed it and hit him. I was fighting for life. I hit with all my strength but I was using the top part which quickly fell apart. Before he could get up, I turned the fan to hit him with the bottom. He realized I had become a wild cat and he raised his hands for me to stop. I asked for the keys to the door if he didn’t want me to scream. He got to his feet, didn’t look at me again and went to his bedroom. He threw the keys out. I waited for him to close the door. I then grabbed the keys, with the fan in one hand and my eyes on the door. Since then no man can talk me into visiting him. As for lunch hour, I still go but I change seats and if I can avoid it, I don’t sit near or talk to any “brothers.”

Mercy N


Luckily, Mercy survived being raped. There is a lot to learn from her story.

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