The wrongly deserving man… A poem by Jamil Mugabi


If l stay long enough force out every emotion

Cancel all a man’s desires and stay around

Let the women down hang up the phone

Do you right by your whims buy my money dry?

Like all your poisonous and vicious friends

Even when it’s hard pretend to like what you do

May be wanted for a while

I think I might leave work early, wash your feet

Wait till the baby is born and ask you what next?

How would that then help when you’re running to a better bread winner?

Then back after they stay away too long in the night

What do you want? Am supposed to hunt and protect

And be all the man l can be straight is burning me

I want to go wrong so you can forgive me

I want to stray and win you back from all admires

I want to have my cake, share it and keep all of it

I want you wanting me as l have, all to my self

After all is past and spent l want to choose you

And know I saw thought the second guessing,

Chauvinistic calls, young fresh blood, light chests

To the place you have saved to love my only self.



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