Take your own wheels… a poem by Jamil Mugabi.

take your wheels

Am not promising anything am not

Just go see for yourself get out there

I got mine go get your own mind

Have your own take on things

Decide your good and your bad

I do want the best but l would be lying if

I said it was what you deserved

There is way too much waiting, so get up

Pack light there’s plenty of crap to buy

Most it will be forced on you, the rest

You’ll simply take it in on an unsuspecting day

When you think you have cracked the answers

Keep going keep looking don’t pretend

Feel, enjoy let it sink in and throw up

If it tastes bitter, wipe your mouth

And try again there is lots to taste

Don’t get stuck anywhere run

If you feel trapped there is always a away

What l know is what l saw and what am saying is

Not enough to take you through half of it

It’s only you and the journey ahead

But l make no promises you have

To live it bite by bite stroke by stroke

Until you can’t take any more steps

And all that’s left is fulfillment

Of having experienced it

On your skin in your heart

With your mind wide open.


By Jamil Mugabi

Social sciences

Makerere University



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