How I got 3 scholarships through my education.


Have you tried accessing international scholarships or do you think it is a waste of time? Today, you meet someone who has benefited from not 1 but 3 scholarships, 2 from Germany and 1 from United Kingdom.

Name: Herbert Lubega

Subjects studied at S.6 Course: Physics, economics, mathematics, Art and craft.

What was your child hood dream?

Herbert: I wanted to be an engineer.

So what did you do after S.6?

Herbert: I went to spear motors for a certificate in motor vehicle technology part 1, it was UNEB certificate for 2 years.

Who told you about this certificate at Spears motors?

Herbert: I did my research about engineering and I was attracted by cars. When I asked, I was told the course is auto mobile engineering.

So what happened after the 2 years?

Herbert: I proceeded to Kyambogo University where I studied auto mobile engineering at diploma level but kept in touch with my friends at Spear motors.

While I was completing Kyambogo, an instructor from Spear motors told me of a Germany scholarship in automobile emission reduction. I went to the German embassy and asked about the scholarship; I filled forms and waited. The process included an exam which I passed and off I went for this 6 months course. It was fully sponsored with tickets, accommodation, visa all covered.

So what did you study in Germany in just 6 months?

Herbert: In Germany, we were at the InWEnt Capacity Building International, an organization engaged in capacity building and human development. While there, we toured different companies observing and studying how that managed waste, how to reduce the emission of automobiles, we saw people with small turbines in their trenches making electricity, we visited a number of car making plants right from raw materials to the finished car. It was a great learning process for me. It is there that I learnt about the use of computers in repairing cars.

Tell us about your second scholarship

Herbert: when you attend many of the colleges abroad, you are entered in a list of old students – an alumni association. So we kept in touch as old students. When I returned after those 6 months in Germany, I got a job with spear motors and stayed there for 3 years.

An old friend, from the In-Went in Germany, was in London and spotted a scholarship from a charity organization called Stephen tee in the UK; that was around 2006. This friend even sent me the forms by mail. I studied in West London College. The scholarship catered for all my tuition and I studied information technology.

Sounds like you were lucky to get these scholarships

Herbert: I don’t think it’s really about luck, I kept friends who helped me and probably because of the courses I was studying. There are a number of scholarships for science students in comparison with the arts students but I advise youths to search for such opportunities.

So what did you do after West London College?

Herbert: I love Uganda very much so I came back. My friends again helped me get a job this time with Toyota Uganda where I worked as a Service adviser.

So does the 3rd scholarship come in?

Herbert: After a year at Toyota, the German institute – In-went in Germany- invited alumni to go for more training in latest technology in automobile engineering and new technology. It was an intense 3 months course. When I returned, a friend in Aggreko international told me of an opening in the company for which I was qualified. I was hired as a Service and repairs on generators.

Tips from Herbert

  • Herbert made use of his friends to know about scholarships and job openings. Question is do you keep in touch with your friends after school?
  • When an opportunity opened, Henry took it up. Don’t dismiss an opportunity before you try it. It just might work out.

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