Would you buy a husband?


What would you do if your fiance walked out on you after you spent millions on him? Probably cry your lungs out and beg him to come back to you. But not the same for a Nigerian woman from Kano in Northern Nigeria.

Zainab Abdulmalik only 22 was jilted by one such man and instead of taking the insult with her arms folded decided to make an appeal on radio on Tuesday 16th June 2015 for potential husbands to come to the station the next day.

Zainab promised the chosen one a car and a house. And with the poverty and joblessness of Africa’s youth, she had offered a wind fall for many.

On Wednesday, hundreds of men in all shapes, ages and sizes turned up at the Freedom radio station until radio staff were forced to call in the police who quickly whisked Zainab away; luckily, she had already made a choice.

Zainab is a wealthy market trader and claims to have spent over 5 Million Naira – about 89 Million shillings on her fiance. Locals say she has done the unthinkable.