Working Abroad, A bed of roses or a thorn?


Most people regard working abroad as a great milestone in their lives! While others think it is not a bed of roses. Rather one full of challenges. I could say that for me, it has been pretty much a mix of discoveries, fun, exposure and mainly carrier development.

If one settles into the life abroad, the next thing is to find a job. Many a times, these jobs are already being taken by the nationals. Because they have the capability of doing such jobs. So many immigrants end up doing the casual jobs in nursing and mechanical fields.

Thinking beyond what you see is very vital here. There are jobs that only and only need your expertise. Compare your career qualifications with the nationals and you will be able to come up with your stronger points! Then, use those to your advantage.

Talking to a friend in England, one Trevor, we were discussing the issue of lack of serious and better paying jobs in England for immigrants. He pointed out to me that most of these people have no relevant qualifications and that is why they end up doing health care jobs. ( well, we all know what that entails)

So apparently it is important to have a relevant degree or training that will help you survive in that particular country you are hoping to live and work in.

I work as a foreign teacher and I know am specifically needed for that. I do not have to compete with a national, so that gives me some kind of job security.

Like they say, life is what you make it! You can choose to make your stay abroad more interesting and comfortable by preparing for it, career-wise and psychologically.

It will be doom and disappointing if you regard it as such.


You should go for career guidance and get help with your decisions.

Best of luck, folks!

Maurice Mugenyi

(Teaches business English at Dalian Shipping University, Liaoning, China)