I knew I wanted more – Racheal Nantale


If there is a hard job in Uganda, it is finding a job. So if you have one, help us find one too. LinkmeUG brings you the experience of everyday people and the many jobs they have done, how they got them and why they left or stayed in those jobs.

This week, we meet Racheal Nantale a teacher by training but Marketer by profession.

Name:- My name is Nantale Racheal

Job:- I am the sales and marketing manager of Quantum communications a company I co-own with a friend.

First Degree:- My first degree was B.A Education from Makerere University. I majored in Literature and English which I completed in 2007.

Other Degree:- Today I have a master’s degree in business administration, I major in sales and marketing.

First Job and Salary:- My first job was in Kajjansi sss where I taught literature and English.

How did you get that job? While I was on teaching practice [internship] at Jinja sss, a friend helped me get this job.

2nd Job:- I worked for swift commercial establishments selling tyres.

Job Responsibilities: My job was to attract companies and other people to buy tyres from us or serve those who walked in.

Why did you move From Teaching To Selling Tyres:- The pay in teaching was low and I realized I wanted more than what I saw around me.

3rd Job:- I was a sales person with a cosmetic company.

The Interview:- It was intimidating because the company owner and other board members were present. But my people-skills and experience in sales came in handy.

Job Responsibilities:-To supply large supermarkets with our products

  • Ensuring that the products were visible to shoppers
  • Maintain a good relationship between our company and the supermarket managers.

Tips From Rachael On How To Get A Job:

  • To get a job today and maintain one, you need soft skills also know as people skills.
  • Be able to create and maintain good relationships
  • Communication is very key; you can get many things with the way you communicate with people.